Tuesday, October 31, 2006

With A Heavy Heart, I Give Y'all Sad News

After 35 years of hosting the popular CBS daytime game show "The Price is Right," host Bob Barker will be retiring in June. This news breaks my spirit. I grew up watching TPIR, and when I was an undergrad, I tried to schedule my classes between TPIR and "As The World Turns." Extremely pathetic, I know. After his retirement, I am positive that we will see an increase in the pet population in the United States. I need to go to LA and get on the show before the end of June. I have always had my heart set on playing the ever popular Plinko game. I would tear that board up!

Question: Who should replace Bob Barker as the host of "The Price is Right"

Answer: Cancel the God Damn show. No one can take the place of that old pervert!


A Spooktacular Music Video

Tegan and Sara's "Walking With a Ghost"

Happy Halloween

Ugh! I have a midterm this evening from 6:10-7:40pm. How sad!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Happy, Happy Birthday iBaby

I would like to wish the iPod a very happy 5th birthday. What did I do before you came into my life December 25, 2001? You have saved me many a time from idiots on campus trying to get me to sign dumb ass petitions, sign up for various clubs, and even those pesky Christians who pass out the little New Testament Bibles. Though I do not have the original anymore, due to the fact that you passed away two years after your creation, your replacement has not failed me to date.

My Top 11 Most Played Songs on my iPod:

1. Everything to Me - Liz Phair
2. Don't Forget Me - Way Out West
3. Lose Control - Missy Elliot
4. You Look So Fine - Garbage
5. Forgive - Rebecca Lynn Howard
6. Here I Am - Patty Loveless
7. Maps - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
8. Queer - Garbage
9. Safe and Sound - Sheryl Crow
10. You Look So Fine (Eric Kupper Deep Drama Mix) - Garbage
11. Open Your Eyes - Snow Patrol

Thursday, October 19, 2006

T.R. Knight Likes Boys

Set the Fire to the Third Bar

Here is a live performance of Snow Patrol and Martha Wainwright singing the haunting song "Set the Fire to the Third Bar." I have been a huge Martha Wainwright fan and have just been introduced to Snow Patrol. Their voices together blend well and takes this average song to the next level. If you need a laugh, this video will supply one or two. Check out the lead singer of Snow Patrol. He totally spazzes out while singing.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Law & Order: Sexy Villian's Unit

After watching Law & Order: SVU this evening I ran to my computer to Google the actor Timothy Adams, the guest star who played a narsistic rapist. He really brought sexy back to sex crimes. (I kidd, I kidd...)

I Love YouTube.com

I swear, how did we survive without YouTube? I was searching for cheesy Ronnie Milsap music videos, and stumbled upon this doozy. This footage looks as if it were shot for an awards show of some sort and features Ms. Patti LaBelle singing along side Ronnie. The song is called "Love Certified," and it is a total riot. I can not lie, I really dig this song.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

DVD Review "Friends With Money"

"Friends With Money" examines the shifting relationships between four women who have been friends all of their adult lives. Now as they settle into their early middle age, their friendship is increasingly challenged by the ever-growing disparity in their individual degrees of financial comfort. It is a poignant snapshot of the way we live today, where the safe divisions that class and money have created are eroding under the unstoppable force of everyday life and the result is a painfully hilarious examination of modern life that manages to be both brutally honest and ultimately uplifting.

The three friends with money, Franny (Joan Cusack), Jane (Frances McDormand), and Christine (Catherine Keener), share a concern for Olivia (Jennifer Aniston) who seems unable to make a living or sustain a relationship ­ at least by their standards. Their group examination of her lack of options magnifies each of their own doubts and concerns about the marriages and careers to which they have committed themselves.

Olivia, meanwhile, drifts through each of her friends’ lives, at times avoiding the issue of money altogether, and at other times accepting her friends’ painful generosity. Ultimately, Olivia will find satisfaction and stability from an unexpected place, but her own somewhat happy ending is muted by the harsh reality of the suddenly disassembled lives of her best friends.

"Friends With Money" is also about the unexpected challenges of being an adult. It is about facing the reality of one's place in the world; about confronting a new stage of sexuality and attractiveness; about realizing you still have lots of time left to live even though many of life's major benchmarks may be behind you. It is about being honest with yourself and those you care most deeply about. Does a degree of financial security conscript one to a life of comfort that ultimately becomes a kind of gilded cage? Does a reduced measure of financial security, in fact, represent a greater degree of freedom and choice? The film forces into focus a strong group of relationships that have long gone unexamined, as each confronts a new stage in life.

I highly recommend this movie to anyone who appreciates character studies and analysis. Jennifer Aniston is at her best in this short 88 minute film.

First Day of School Photo

I don't know about all of you, but when I was younger my mother always took a picture of me on the first day of school. Well I kept the tradition rolling. Here is the first day of school photo taken by yours truly. Don't I look happy? Well it only got better from that moment... yeah right! What have I gotten myself into?!?

My Night With DXC

Sorry it has taken me so long to update and fill you guys in on my travels to Southern California and beyond. The highlight of my vacation was on Wednesday, September 20, when my cousin Lucy and I drove from Coronado to Downtown Los Angeles to attend the taping of VH1’s Storytellers: Dixie Chicks. The Dixie Chicks have been hands down my favorite country artists, except for the Kings of Country, George Strait an Ronnie Milsap. WE left Coronado at around 3:30pm in order to arrive for the pre party in which we were invited. Well thanks to nasty Los Angeles traffic, we managed to make it to the slums of Downtown LA by 7:15 when the party was wrapping up. Figures!

Lucy and I decided to get a bite of food at the Carl’s Jr. across the street. Talk about ghetto central, there were at least 4 rent-a-cops in the establishment. We felt really safe. After we through some nasty Carl’s Jr. down our gullets, we walked across the street to the famed LA Theatre.

Since we had bought out tickets, we were branded with a blue wristband, allowing us to be the second group to be seated. I, being the big mouth that I am, saw a P.A. walking around with a few black wristbands in her hand. I politely whisked her aside and asked if my cousin and I could have the black wristbands, and low and behold she said sure. I really felt as if I was a mover and a shaker at this point. We were sooooo LA.

When the first group was escorted into the auditorium, the black group, we were all placed on stage in chairs facing the chicks, and some in back of the band. Lucy and I were place in the first row, facing Emily (Wonky Eye), the Banjo player. We were on cloud nine; until the cameraman came up to a P.A. and said that he need a chair removed so he could obtain his shot. Well that is when we were asked to move three rows back! We took it with a grain of salt. We were still on stage and about 10 feet from the band, so it was all good!

The concert was amazing! They were so friendly and personable. I even got to shake Emily’s (Wonky Eye) hand. They played for about three hours, and had to play three songs over due to technical difficulties. After the concert, they took questions from the audience regarding their songwriting techniques and abilities. This is one concert I will never forget. Oh, and the stars were out in "full force" that night. I met Chris Kattan, and saw Lance Bass and his sexy boyfriend Reichen in the audience. Reichen had left the theatre before I could have gone up to him and molested him. Oh well his loss really!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Scrolling Through My iPod

While I was walking from the parking lot to the classroom I decided to scroll through my iPod and find a song that I had not listened to in a while. What a treat it was when I landed on "I Wish I Didn't Miss You" by Neo Soul Songtress Angie Stone. Since I could not attach the song on blogger, I am providing the video for your viewing pleasure. I just found out that she is on VH1's Celebrity Fit Club. Oh how the mighty have fallen.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

I am a Bowl Full of Wrong

Here I am on Friday night, drunk out of my mind and hamming it up for the camera. Sorry to those of you who I drunk dialed. The only thing I hate about being drunk is that my friend, Mr. Wonky Eye, makes an appearance. This picture is very sexy! I should set this picture as the default picture on my Match.com proflie. Boys will be knocking down the doors to get to THIS.