Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tickling Ye Pickle

Here are some pictures of the snow hike we went on in the Rocky Mountains last Saturday. It was beyond cold.

Well I returned home to California last Sunday. Though the main purpose for my trip was to interview for a sales position, it just so happens that my friends Brad and Claire live and work in the Denver area. That meant, vacation baby! I fucked around for a few days, crashing on their couch and drinking their booze. I have a renewed love for the ridiculousness that is "The View" and found a soft spot in my heart for "Judge Judy." (Thanks Claire) I have got to say that Whoopi Goldberg is the worst segwayer in the business.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

48 Hours Without...

ELECTRICITY!!! Yes, thanks to Mother Nature and her PMS, Northern California was hit by three storms in a row, with the second storm packing the most punch. The wind was out of control and reeked havoc causing massive power outages all over the state. On Friday, the creek by my house was damned by many trees which were uprooted by the storm thus causing major flooding in our neighborhood. The neighbors banded together and we removed all the debris that was causing the creek to overflow its banks. The electricity was another issue, we could do nothing on that front. SMUD was to fix that problem. Finally, on Sunday morning the lights came back on! I was supposed to visit my friend Tara in SF on Saturday night but with all of the insanity of not being able to get out of the neighborhood due to the flooding of the creek, I was unable. I feel like such a flake.

On Tuesday I am leaving for Denver, CO. I have a job interview on Wednesday with Jorgensen Laboratories. It just so happens that my friends, Brad and Claire live about 20 minutes away from Jorgensen Laboratories Headquarters. So not only am I going to go to CO to land a job, but also to spend time with my friends. I am extending my trip until Sunday in hopes of having a second interview and spending time with Brad and Claire.

Holy Crap, it is 9:22pm and the RAIN has started again. I am officially over this weather.