Thursday, May 01, 2008

Time Flies When You Are Having Fun

I noticed today that it has been almost one month since I last posted an entry on my blog. I am not sure if it due to my extreme laziness or the lack of interesting stories, but if I had to make an educated guess I say 99.9% of the problem is due to sheer laziness. I also noticed that I never really explained the pictures in my previous post. That picture of my black eye was taken a few days after my first snowboarding venture at the beginning of February. I fell while going down the hill and when I hit the ground my goggles hit first, leaving me black and blue and yellow on my beautiful face. I can't tell you how much income I lost due to my bruised face. My face is my livelihood... if only that were true, HAHA. Anyway, after a few days of extreme body pain (who knew that snowboarding could make every bone and muscle in one's body hurt) I became hooked on snowboarding. The next month and a half I was up at either Sierra @ Tahoe or Northstar Resort every weekend. The first weekend of March I had a bad fall and after a trip to the doctor and I was diagnosed with a hairline rib fracture, confirmed with a radiograph. It was extremely uncomfortable. Here a some pictures of my recent trips up in the Sierra Nevadas.

The was my first moderate run. It looks pretty tame in this photo but was extremely challenging!

Here is a view of Lake Tahoe (North) from Northstar which is off of I-80 outside of Truckee.

This is another view of Lake Tahoe (South) taken from the mountain at Sierra @ Tahoe which is located right off of Highway 50 a few miles before South Lake Tahoe/Stateline.

Here I am strapped into my board. How exciting...

Myspace Photo, Mountain Portrait

I could have been spotted from space thanks to my orange beanie. All I remember is that is was snowing the entire day, oh and it was FREEZING.

I had been training since the beginning of February for a half marathon in April and a full in June, but when I started to run after my fall I was in extreme pain. I thought the pain would lessen as the days went by, but I was sorely wrong. It only seemed to really hurt while I was jogging/running... so I decided, after speaking with my primary care physician to lay off of the running for four to six weeks. Though running was out of the picture, I continued to snowboard. Yes, my rib was bothering me, but compared to running, it felt as if nothing was broken at all. It was all in the way I was using my body. Since I curbed my running schedule I had to drop out of the half marathon in April and the full in June. I was not going to be adequately prepared to run in these events. I was a little bummed, but I decided to start back up in May and begin training for a few races during the second part of 2008. My inspiration is my friend Tara who has recently dusted off her running shoes, laced them up and entered a few events. The last event she participated in was a half marathon a few weeks ago. Her next run is the Bay to Breakers in her hometown of San Francisco. She is pretty much awesome!

I know that many of you post photographs of your pets on your blogs, so I decided to do the same. When I got home from work this evening all three of my cats were outside in the front yard "playing" with each other. I use the word playing very loosely because they really do not get along with one another. Stormy, the white and gray DLH is the alpha female of the group, the mega bitch.

If one of the other cats even looks at her, she will cut a bitch without a second thought. She is the personification of pure evil but is so damn cute, I overlook that character flaw. She is as mean, if not meaner to people. If people try to pet her she might enjoy is for 1.3 seconds but will turn on a dime and bite or scratch her victim. I am the only person who can get away with bothering her for an extended period of time. Though she tries to bite and scratch the living daylights out of me it is more for show/playing more than anything with me. She will do this to me, and only me. It really is odd behavior.

Here is a picture of my crazy cat, Skylar. She has some serious mental health issues.

She is my schizophrenic cat. She really needs to be on meds. I think she hears voices and sees things that the other cats don't. Here she is running down the driveway. I tried to walk up to her but she saw me take a step foward and she booked it in the other direction. What is it with cats? I swear I am nothing but nice to them and they never come to me when they are outside. 99% of the time they run the other way, acting as if they have no clue who I am. Cats are so weird.

Last, but certainly not least I would like to introduce you all to Savannah. She is the youngest of the three. She turns seven years at some point during the second half of 2008. Stormy and Skylar turned 7 years earlier this year. I have no clue when any of their birthdays are, what a loser. I really have no words for how cute Savannah is, so as they say a picture is worth a thousand words.

The pictures of the cats were taken today with my brand new Canon PowerShot 950. 12.1 mega pixel with a 3.7 optical zoom. I received the deal of the century on an open box sale. Somebody returned the camera because they didn't like it. It was marked down $130 and my friends fiancé works for Circuit City and was able to take another $70 off. The camera retails for $399.99 and I bought it for half the price. I just put my old Canon PowerShot 630 up for sale on Ebay and the highest bid is $99.50 with 7 days to go. So if all goes well I will be out for less than a hundred bucks for the camera.

Oh and I also have a new toy... please see picture below.

I resisted in giving into my desire for an iPhone for nine months, but I saved up for the phone for the past few months and finally broke down and bought it at the end of March. It is seriously one of the greatest inventions ever!

I have been suffering from a case of Vertigo for over two weeks now. I had to go to the doctor twice, the second time to tweak my meds. It was really bad for 10 days, but has gotten considerably better over the past few days. I am almost back to normal, whatever that is. I am really sick of being, well... sick.


LA said...

Dude, that was less a post, more a novella! Wow!

I love your kitties, I think they are all adorable, even the psycho one. I have a cat like Stormy whose affection turns on a dime, and I find it hysterical. And I think a lot of her bitchiness is for show. Savannah is gorgeous.

Are you on Antivert for the vertigo? Congrats on the iPhone. I'm so close and yet so far to one.

Did you watch GA last night? It was a good one!

EditThis said...

Do you realize you held out on the iPhone only to buy a G1 phone right before the G2 comes out? Sigh. Technology sucks.

Love, love, LOVE snowboarding!! I got hooked this season as well and am all too familiar with the horrible pain that comes with learning how to ride. I'm jealous you live close to such awesome snow, though. And why am I not surprised to see that all your gear matches?? I'll have to come north and hit Tahoe with you next season!

Diane said...

Such a post! Love my iPhone, too! My late kitty Bailey was a total psycho - she hated everybody but me. I tried boarding once, and bruised places only a few people even know exist on my body.

Bummer about the running but you'll be back out there soon enough

And GREAT deal on the camera!

kookla@work said...

Great post and glad to see you're back! I love the cliffhanger...nice way to keep us checking up on you.

I agree with you, cats are insane. I think they should all be on meds. But I had to laugh at that picture of Skylar. She looks like she-should-live-in-Grey-Gardens-crazy.

Nice camera. Nice phone. Dit has one that he calls "Precious." I hope you don't get as emotionally attached to it as he does. Honestly, it's like he doesn't even know I'm alive anymore.

So, here's the part where I turn this post to all about me. I have had major ear issues since January. Aside from losing a crazy amount of weight from a severe ear infection/vertigo, I have been on just about everything from anti-inflammatories, muscle relaxers, steroids to pain meds for it. Still no relief. I have seen everyone from the ENT and dentist to an Orofacial Pain specialist. And then I found a cure. MOIST HEAT! They sell these heating things in Bed, Bath & Beyond that have rice in them and you can nuke them in the microwave. You wrap that sucker around the back of your neck and place on each ear. It is pure heaven. So enough about me...

Glad to see your back!